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Structures to assist declining wild animal populations in our built environment have never been so important for wildlife conservation. ACO has a long history of developing wildlife protection solutions for integration into infrastructure projects such as highways schemes and new housing developments.

With guidance systems for amphibians and small mammals, plus bird and bat boxes, ACO products protect wildlife habitats and seasonal migration paths and support the wildlife planning guidelines and legislative requirements of infrastructure projects.

ACO solutions

Guidance systems

ACO guidance systems are designed for use where new construction projects, including road networks and housing, interrupt the migration of small animals. They protect species, and amphibians in particular, that undertake seasonal migrations from their habitat to their vital spawning grounds.

The ACO Guide Wall is designed to prevent small animals from reaching the roadway or other danger areas, and provides them with a firm, consistent floor area clear of vegetation that they can travel along without restriction.

The Guide Wall interfaces with the ACO Climate Tunnel System, which safely guides small animals underneath the road. At the Redhill Employment Park development in Staffordshire, ACO Climate Tunnels provide a crucial migratory route for the great crested newts found on the site.

ACO Wildlife Kerbs allows amphibians to follow the recess in the front of the kerb and not fall through the gully grating. In Perth Kinross they are integrated into the existing kerb layout to prevent animals such as frogs and toads being trapped in roadside gullies.

The ACO Stop Channel is another solution stretching across roads to catch small animals that fall through its grating into the channel below and to guide them on their journey.  It is certified to Load Class D 400 to cope with heavy-duty traffic.

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ACO produce a range of refuges designed to shelter different types of small mammals and amphibians.  ACO Wildlife Refuges are available with five different opening sizes to prevent predator access and to promote colonisation for various types of animal.

The ACO Nest Box is an integral bird nesting box that can be built in to new walls during construction or fitted to old walls retrospectively.  It was developed to provide a sheltered nesting refuge for small birds. It provides a nesting area for modern buildings that do not offer the same recesses as older buildings.

The ACO Bat Box is a roosting box to build into new or existing walls, developed to provide a roosting refuge for bats. The textured interior provides grip surfaces for bats and will not deteriorate over time.  The product can be opened for checking and cleaning by a suitably licensed person.

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