Ports & docks drainage A range of drainage solutions for ports and docks

Effective management of surface water in the UK’s ports and docks is vital for an industry that is responsible for over 95% of imports and exports by volume each year. ACO understands the demanding operational challenges that loading and unloading of potentially hazardous cargo places on water management solutions. ACO is also on hand to support the burgeoning leisure and cruise line industry with more aesthetically-pleasing drainage solutions for passenger terminals.

ACO provides a comprehensive range of drainage solutions for ports and docks that support wharfs, container yards, access roads, fuel storage, industrial areas and passenger terminals. With design support as well as SuDS solutions, ACO assist ports and docks in their vital commercial operations.

Ports & docks solutions


The daily rigours from forklift trucks and crane movements, loading and unloading cargo from wharf area berths, requires high-strength drainage solutions. ACO Qmax, and H Range, both with F 900 load class capabilities, can cope with these demands while keeping the areas clear from surface water.

Container terminals

ACO has a number of products that help mitigate against the contamination risks to the watercourse posed by the storage of potentially hazardous cargo in container terminals.

ACO Qmax is a sealed channel system that, when combined with hydrocarbon cleaning ACO Q-Ceptor, can allow potentially contaminated water to be collected and cleaned, reducing leakage into the watercourse.

DP World, a logistics firm based in a container terminal at the Port of Southampton, has installed ACO RoadDrain as a sturdy drainage solution that copes with the constant HGV freight operations they are involved in.

Access roads

ACO has a range of transport-specific drainage solutions to ensure the uninterrupted distribution of goods in or out of port via the road and rail terminals. ACO KerbDrain is a combined kerb and drainage product with a wide range of accessories that can be integrated into the road network in roundabouts as well as straight runs.

ACO RoadDrain and H Range are monocast drainage channels that offer the safety of a non-grated design and the strength to withstand the constant HGV traffic in port areas.

Fuel storage areas

Fuel storage areas require a heavy-duty, maintainable channel drainage system and ACO S Range grated drainage channels, with a petrochemical resistant polymer concrete construction, is the correct specification for this application.

ACO S Range channels collect the contaminated water and this can be combined with ACO cleaning products in order for a more complete drainage solution for fuel storage areas. These include the ACO Q-Ceptor, which uses hydrocarbon bypass separator technology, as well as ACO QuadraCeptor, which removes heavy particles, silt, nutrients and dissolved materials such as heavy metals.

Industrial areas

ACO StormBrixx, a geocellular stormwater management system, offers efficient on-site storage of collected rainfall from the large hardstanding areas found in port industrial areas. ACO StormBrixx can also be integrated into sustainable urban drainage schemes (SuDS), alongside products such as ACO Q-Brake vortex, which controls the flow of water into the discharge point.

Passenger terminals and quayside attractions

Passenger terminal areas for ferry and cruise ship customers require modern facilities with aesthetic drainage solutions to attract the millions of customers who use UK ports every year. ACO Multiline Sealin and MultiDrain MD both have a wide selection of drainage gratings that complement these areas, including Heelguard™ options, alongside a bespoke stainless steel drainage offering for use inside passenger terminal buildings.

How we can assist you

The ACO Design Services Team is able to work closely with you through the entire design process in the Ports and Docks sector. We also offer design surface software for you to make your own calculations, as well as BIM product files to support the latest efficient project delivery methods.

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