ACO QuAD - Vortex Flow Control

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This software uses ACO's experience in designing of Vortex Flow Controls to support its Q-Brake and Q-Plate range.

Large outlet units and PN16 flanged units

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Cloud based

The software means increased efficiency providing the design resource you need when you need it. The program will make updates automatically.

Secure scheme filing

All designs created by registered users are stored on a secure server and are password protected. Past projects are easily retrieved from the personalised menu.

Easy Design

Intuitive interface for input of parameters to achieve full design of Vortex Flow Control or Orifice Plate

Exportable data

Head and flow rate data can be exported to third party hydraulic design software.

Download design

Full design details can be downloaded as a pdf

Knowledge database

Support available either through a query submission or a self-help made possible by the ACO's Knowledge database.

Further Detail


Safe Design

QuAD-VFC provides an Intuitive interface for input of parameters to achieve full design of ACO Q-Brake vortex flow controls or Q-Plate orifice plate. Results appear, along with the flow curve, instantaneously on screen, so changes can be made ‘on the fly’. The calculations have been developed from rigorous real world testing to give optimum combination of flow control dimensions to match the design parameters and reduce upstream attenuation requirements. Flow controls can be configured with a flat back to mount on a headwall or with a curved back to be installed directly on the wall of a chamber. QuAD-VFC gives an option to use standard concrete chamber sizes or commercially available large diameter plastic pipes (as used in ACO Q-Chamber).

Design Support

QuAD-VFC designs are based on standard Q-Brake and Q-Plate configurations. Non-standard configurations may also be possible. For assistance in designing flow controls outside the normal range, or if you have any questions on ACO flow controls and their use, please contact our ACO Water Management Design Services Team. Email: or call them on 01462 816666.

QuAD 2.0 Hydraulic Design Software for channel design and StormBrixx Configurator are also available on the ACO website to allow you to prepare a full drainage, attenuation and flow control project.

User Confidentiality

Maintaining confidentiality is crucial for our QuAD-VFC users and their projects. This is made possible by password protection. All users that included an optional password when they first registered on the ACO website, or when they registered for other ACO design software, will be able to access QuAD-VFC using the same details. For those that did not enter the optional password it is necessary to create one in order to be able to use the software; this is simply in order to ensure your saved designs are protected. The software does enable you to share designs for consultation either through an email with a link to a non-editable view or through the creation of summary documentation.