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Raising The Roof: First Ever Blue Green Roof in Dublin Constructed with ACO’s RoofBloxx System.

With new planning rules to abide by in Dublin, the developers of a commercial three-story residential apartment building had to demonstrate that its scheme would have a blue green roof to obtain planning permission. ACO worked together with Beton ...

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ACO Completes New £13m Site Expansion.

ACO Technologies plc has completed the first phase of the ambitious redevelopment of its UK manufacturing facilities. The £13m site expansion was officially opened by Susan Lousada, His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Bedfordshire, The Rt. Hon. the ...

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Thumbnail news QBrake
Model ACO QBrake with Site3D.

Vortex flow controls, such as the ACO QBrake, present significant value engineering opportunities for projects by reducing the required total attenuation volume within a site. To fully realise this potential, detailed modelling of the drainage ...

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Uniface Shallow access cover
UniFace to Uni Floor: ACO’s Access Covers Make the Cut at University of Nottingham Renovation.

The University of Nottingham’s Florence Boot Hall is a student accommodation property that can house 200 students per year. The building is currently undergoing major improvement works to refresh its look and upgrade the building services. As part ...

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ACO Launches CycleKerb Range to Support Councils and Infrastructure with Safer Cycle Tracks.

With the requirements for cycle lane design coming under scrutiny, ACO is supporting highways and civil engineers, along with councils and infrastructure professionals, with the launch of the KerbDrain CycleKerb range.

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Sewers Small
Sewage leaks highlight the need for effective SuDS.

The growing demand on our sewers has lead to serious sewage leak problems, it's time to look at SUDS as a solution.

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