KerbDrain BridgeDeck

Combined kerb and drainage system for bridges

Effective management of surface water on bridges is crucial for ensuring road user safety, reducing maintenance costs, and preventing erosion that can shorten the service life of bridge structures.

ACO KerbDrain Bridgedeck is a versatile combined kerb and drainage system designed to effectively manage rainwater on bridges. These one-piece units are certified up to Load Class D 400 and are available in both Half Battered (HB) and Splayed profiles (SP) to meet different site requirements.

The product is manufactured from ductile iron and is a Type I system, which means that no concrete bed surround is required for installation. Additionally, the range includes expansion joint solutions that prevent water damage to the joints and allow the flow of water to continue from the bridge to the highway.

Connection to KerbDrain - BridgeDeck is compatible with our award-winning ACO KerbDrain range, allowing for a seamless transition from Bridge to Road. 

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ACO KerbDrain BridgeDeck Brochure
ACO KerbDrain BridgeDeck Brochure

Find out more about our NEW combined kerb and drainage offering for Bridges

The Route to Surface Water Management
The Route to Surface Water Management

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Key features:

Expansion Joint Detail for use with ACO KerbDrain BridgeDeck

Expansion joint kit

BridgeDeck Expansion Joint Kits provide a watertight solution to prevent damage to expansion joints, and are designed enable the unimpeded flow of water across the joint. 

How to Access the ACO KerbDrain BridgeDeck Units for Maintenance

Access units

Maintenance of the channel and expansion joint units is made easy through the use of the ACO Access Units. Regular maintenance is advised in order to ensure efficiency of the channel system. 

All channel body sizes for ACO KerbDrain BridgeDeck

Optimised channel runs

BridgeDeck channels are available in a range of sizes, ensuring that designs can be fully optimised to site requirements. Our QuAD Hydraulic Design software enables the quick calculation and optimisation of channel runs. 

Connection from ACO KerbDrain BridgeDeck to ACO KerbDrain

Connection to ACO KerbDrain

Easy connection can be made to ACO KerbDrain D, E and E+ channels via a multifunctional endcap, ensuring a seamless transition from Bridge to Road designs. 

Connection from ACO KerbDrain BridgeDeck to ACO Stainless Steel Pipe

Connection to ACO Pipe

The BridgeDeck channel units are compatible for use with our ACO Stainless Steel Pipe range, available from ACO Building Drainage.

Half Battered and Splayed Channel Profiles of ACO KerbDrain BridgeDeck

Channel profiles

The system is available in both Half Battered (HB) and Splayed (SP) profiles, allowing for different site requirements. A range of tailored accessories and components are available for each profile range. 


  • Half Battered and Splayed kerb profiles available
  • Type I installation - no concrete bed surround is required for install
  • Expansion joint kits available
  • Certified to BS EN 1433:2002 Load Class D 400
  • Manufactured from robust ductile iron
  • Sub-surface drainage points for permeable surfaces
  • BridgeDeck units can be installed at two different upstand heights
  • UKCA and CE marked, and carries the BSI Kitemark
  • High capacity drainage inlets


  • Can be used as a stand-alone solution or combined with other ACO KerbDrain channels to create a seamless and integrated solution for bridge and highway schemes
  • Complete product offering for all bridge types
  • Full set of problem-solving components from access units to outlet connectors and multifunctional end caps
  • Channel runs can be optimised utilising our QuAD Hydraulic Design software
  • Top surfaces have low risk of skid and slip resistance certified to test standard BS 7976-2

Recommended Applications

  • Foot bridges
  • Road bridges
  • Viaducts
  • Refurbishment or new build bridges

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As a leader in the design and manufacturing of combined kerb and drainage solutions, we take pride in our expertise in assisting specifiers, consultants, and contractors to develop efficient and cost-effective infrastructure schemes. Speak to our Specification team today to find out more about ACO KerbDrain BridgeDeck.

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