Climate change, urbanisation, pollution, and biodiversity loss pose some of the greatest challenges to our planet. As our planet undergoes rapid transformation, these interconnected challenges demand our attention and collective action.

Climate change, driven by human activities, threatens ecosystems and communities globally, necessitating urgent mitigation and adaptation strategies. Urbanisation, while a symbol of progress, strains resources, and damages ecosystems. To build sustainable development more innovative approaches are needed. Pollution, in its various forms, jeopardises air, water, and soil quality, threatening human health and the environment.

Each of these challenges disrupt delicate ecosystems, in turn accelerating biodiversity loss as species are not able to keep up. 

Key challenges:

Climate Change

New construction in the UK is responsible for 11% of GHG emissions, largely resulting from energy-intensive methods, material production, and reliance on fossil fuels. This not only impacts our atmosphere but also accelerates global warming. However, amidst these pressing concerns, the construction sector holds the key to substantial environmental change. ACO is striving to be at the forefront of this movement, as we move towards the increased use of sustainable materials and renewable energy sources to significantly diminish our carbon footprint and promote a greener future.


Climate change and urbanisation leads to increased precipitation and impermeable surfaces which affects flooding, fragmentation, and pollution levels. It is crucial to create a built environment that can harmonise with nature. ACO assists customers in achieving this goal by providing sustainable product solutions for effective Surface Water management. Maximising the sustainable use of water to support Nature Based Solutions and ecosystem services in urban areas.


The built environment contributes to airborne and water pollution. Harmful pollutants permeate our air and water systems effecting ecosystems and human health. By adopting sustainable surface water management practices ACO aim to support green and blue infrastructure to protect our planet and public health.

Dead fish due to impacts of climate change

Biodiversity loss

Climate change, urbanisation, and pollution from the built environment can contribute to biodiversity loss. ACO is committed to counteracting these effects. We manufacture products and provide services designed to protect and enhance the natural environment, thus protecting biodiversity. Our mission is to balance industry needs with ecological preservation, for a sustainable future.