KerbDrain Award winning combined kerb and drainage system

KerbDrain is an award winning combined kerb and drainage system specifically designed and developed to form an integral part of any modern, sustainable surface water management solution

It is the first combined kerb drainage system of its kind to use recycled materials and be independently certified and Kitemarked to BS EN 1433: 2002. The one-piece system is suitable for a wide range of applications including major and minor highways, car parks, and commercial and urban landscaping.

ACO KerbDrain provides many versatile solutions for both SUDS schemes and traditional drainage systems. Engineers and designers are able to combine the benefits of both “hard” and “soft” SUDS to achieve the key elements of quality, quantity and amenity.

The system also benefits from an extensive range of complementary and problem solving components including perforated and flush centre stones, drop kerbs, radius and mitred units, internal angles, quadrants, and bus stop units.

Since its launch in the late 1990’s, over 750,000m of ACO KerbDrain has been supplied to a wide variety of projects in both the UK and mainland Europe. In recognition of ACO KerbDrain’s ground breaking one-piece design, the system was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation in 2001.

ACO KerbDrain has a range of units to match HB1, HB2 and 45° splayed profiles, and a selection of depths and lengths to meet the hydraulic and performance requirements of many highway or drainage schemes.

ACO KerbDrain can also be adapted to suit specific projects, for example we can offer the product in a variety of colours or with a grit blasted texture to provide a more natural look.

ACO KerbDrain meets all specification requirements:

  • Fully compliant to the Specification for Highway Works
  • Kitemarked to BS EN 1433:2002
  • Certified by a notified body to BS EN 1433: 2002 Load Class D 400
  • CE marked by a notified body

Sizes Available

The system is available in a range of HB1, HB2 and SP kerb stone profiles to meet a wide range of applications.

Available in 255mm, 280mm, 305mm, 380mm, 405mm, 455mm and 480mm depths.

New KerbDrain SP455

The Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) recommends that splay kerbs should be installed with an upstand of 100mm and half-battered with an upstand of 125mm, with this in mind ACO have re-designed their SP480 channel to the new SP455 channel meaning that our largest sized KerbDrain channels can now be transitioned between splay and half-battered. What is even better is that you can now transition all the way from our SP280 channel all the way up to our HB480 channel.

The new KerbDrain® SP455 range.

The range includes not only the new SP455 channel, which can be transitioned to the HB480 KerbDrain®, but also accessories consisting of:

  • Rodding access units
  • Drop kerbs
  • Centre stones
  • Transition units

There is also a new splayed gully top to accommodate the change in size which is compatible with the full splay range.

The introduction of this new range now allows seamless transition between the HB480 and SP455 systems as is common in the other KerbDrain® sizes. The introduction of a full range of accessories should extend the areas where the system can be specified and installed.

The range is fully certified to EN1433:2002 D400 and has been added to the ACO Kitemark licence.


  • Certified for all highways applications
  • Impact resistance 50% higher than OPC kerb units
  • Manufactured from sustainable material
  • SUDS compliant
  • Full range of problem solving components for all sizes
  • ACO KerbDrain units are available in half battered (HB) or splayed (SP) profiles to BS EN 1340:2003
  • Capacity choices optimise hydraulic performance
  • One piece combined kerb and drainage system
  • Available in 255mm, 280mm, 305mm, 380mm, 405mm and 480mm depths
  • Complies with IAN 117/08, Clause 516 SHW and is Kitemarked to BS EN 1433:2002 for highway use
  • ACO KerbDrain is fully certified to Load Class D 400 BS EN 1433:2002 and CE marked
  • Tough and robust channel design


  • Manufactured from sustainable material
  • Full range of problem solving components for all sizes
  • Capacity choices optimise hydraulic performance
  • Award winning one-piece design
  • Shallow KerbDrain allows for construction in restricted depth sites.
  • Simple watertight installations
  • Safe manual and mechanical handling
  • High daily installation rate
  • Thermally stable, chemically resistant, environmentally friendly product manufactured from Vienite, ACO high strength sustainable material

Recommended Applications

  • Public landscaping
  • Car parking
  • HGV parking
  • Petrol station forecourts
  • Light industrial
  • Heavy industrial
  • Public highways
  • Distribution yards
  • Security areas
  • SuDs

Not Recommended Applications

  • Threshold drainage
  • Airport (airside)
  • Domestic landscaping
  • Port and dock sides

Overview of profiles

Splay | ACO KerbDrain®

  • 45° profile
  • Designed for use on rural roads and highways
  • SP to HB transitions available

HB | ACO KerbDrain®

  • Half battered profile
  • Designed for use on urban roads, highways and car parks
  • HB to SP transitions available

Bus Stop | ACO KerbDrain®

  • Half battered profile
  • Designed for use at bus stops to ease pedestrian safety
  • Transitions to standard HB range available

Featured downloads

To download the KerbDrain brochure, please use the link below.

KerbDrain Brochure

Find out more about ACO's combined kerb and drainage system

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