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Supporting the design of surface water management schemes

ACO have a range of tools to help you to design surface water management schemes. From channel drainage to flow controls and attenuation systems, the ACO Design Tool suite can help you to select the correct products for your project.

Following the success of ACO QuAD Hydraulic Design 2.0, we have recently expanded our design suite to now offer ACO QuAD-VFC and the ACO StormBrixx Configurator. 

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QuAD Hydraulic Design 2.0

Our unique design software enables the efficient and accurate hydraulic design of surface water management schemes. ACO QuAD Hydraulic Design 2.0 gives assurance that your design output will be fully compliant with best practice and the latest SuDS standards. The tool supports ACO's Civils + Infrastructure channel drainage systems.



QuAD-VFC is a free cloud-based software that supports the design and specification of ACO’s Q-Brake and Q-Plate range. QuAD-VFC calculates vortex flow control dimensions to achieve required head and flow rates. Offering instant calculations, the tool helps to speed up specification by taking into account parameters such as chamber design and outlet dimensions.


NEW! StormBrixx Configurator

Designing and specifying attenuation or infiltration tanks for flood mitigation and sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) is now easier than ever with ACO's new StormBrixx Configurator. The software allows users to design a StormBrixx tank in a step-by-step manner and produce a full bill of materials.


Channel + Grating Visualiser

Enhance your next project with our range of contemporary grating finishes. Choose from a range of gratings and surface finishes to suit your application requirements.

askACO Live Chat

askACO Support is a live chat service that can be accessed when using our design tools. Our Design Team can provide you with expert guidance on your project in real time, offering help at a time when you need it. Speak to one of our team today. 

ACO Design Services

The ACO Design Services Team is able to work closely with you throughout the entire design process. The team can also provide you with BIM objects and technical drawings as well as hydraulic calculations, AutoCAD detailing and part schedules. 

Featured Downloads

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QuAD-VFC User Guide
QuAD-VFC User Guide

A guide explaining the core functions of ACO QuAD-VFC and how to use the software.

StormBrixx Configurator User Guide
StormBrixx Configurator User Guide

Guidance documentation for the ACO StormBrixx Configurator Tool.