A versatile monocast channel drainage system for surface water conveyance

ACO MonoDrain is a one-piece channel drainage system that delivers multiple benefits including safety and sustainability, economical and efficient installation and aesthetic choices across applications such as stations, schools, car parks and commercial areas.

ACO MonoDrain is a simple yet versatile channel drainage system for surface water conveyance which has been specifically developed to meet the demands of contractors and clients alike. Designed to maintain the long term performance and appearance of the installation, its robust one-piece construction removes the risks associated with dislodged or stolen gratings – providing a highly effective alternative to traditional two-part channel and grate systems.


The ACO MonoDrain system is available in 100mm wide constant depth channels and five depths, 30.0, 20.0, 10.0, 0.0 and shallow. The new 150mm channels are available in three constant depths of 20.0, 10.0, and 0.0.


Each size is available in grey, black and natural and the inlet design features Heelguard™ inlets; 8mm for the 100mm size channels and 10mm for the new 150mm size channels,which are particularly suited to pedestrianised areas, To see how MonoDrain will look in different applications click the link below.

Key benefits
MonoDrain Concrete Savings

Contractor savings

ACO MonoDrain offers good savings for contractors, the channels' high strength means less haunching is needed. Up to £5.07** per metre is saved on concrete installation costs; which over a large project adds up to significant savings. This is achieved by reduced haunch requirements from 150mm down to 100mm, making ACO MonoDrains installation details superior to other monocast drainage channels available from competitors.

*150mm haunch Monoblock, vs 100mm MonoDrain for 0.0 channels, price of concrete £90 per m3 (priced May 2018).

MonoDrain Access Unit

Maintenance ease

ACO MonoDrain channels are designed with accessibility in mind and can be maintained in the same way as grated systems with pressure jetting. New access units for the range are made from composite material and offer a superior resistance to corrosion, as well as snap-fit insertion, for improved security. To see more on ACO MonoDrain being maintained refer to the maintenance video in the side bar.

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Moving to monocast
Moving to monocast

Key criteria when specifying monocast drainage

MonoDrain Brochure
MonoDrain Brochure

Versatile one-piece channel drainage system

MonoDrain overview video


  • One-piece design for lifetime integrity and security, suitable for parking areas and town centres
  • Many design configurations available including constant depth, step fall, T and L junctions
  • Made from robust materials which are thermally stable, chemically resistant and environmental friendly
  • Integral anti-theft grating design
  • Simplifies specification and design
  • Proven performance and durability
  • Safe and secure installation
  • Capacity choices optimise hydraulic performance
  • High daily installation rate and material savings


  • Maintenance friendly
  • One-piece design for lifetime integrity and security
  • Integral 8mm and 10mm Heelguard™ inlets designed to resist debris blockage
  • Profiled channel surface for improved water interception
  • External faces anchor channel securely into concrete surround
  • Sealant groove for simple watertight installations
  • 100mm haunch dimension saves money compared to similar competitor products
  • Standard 100mm and 150mm wide bore shaped to promote self cleansing

Recommended Applications

  • Landscaped areas
  • Light industrial
  • Pedestrian precincts
  • Parking areas for cars and HGV’s
  • Retail and commercial developments
  • Schools
  • Town centres

Not Recommended Applications

  • Highways
  • Heavy industrial
  • Ports and docks

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