6mm Heelguard™ Rail Grate

Intercept Heelguard gratings for use in rail applications

ACO’s new Heelguard™ 6mm Rail Intercept gratings are specifically designed for the rail industry and meet all inlet requirements, as well as skid and slip performance criteria for installation on rail platforms and station building curtilage.

Certified to Load Class D 400, the grating range is compatible for use with ACO MultiDrain®, MultiDrain® Sealin and MultiDrain® PPD channels. The 6mm width slots are heelguard protected and are also compatible with ACO’s security locking bars for added protection in high theft/vandalism areas.


  • Meets high skid and slip requirements
  • Meets inlet requirements - 6mm width slots
  • Quick and easy to install locked grates
  • Strong and durable ductile iron


  • Heelguard protected grating
  • Available in widths of 100mm, 150mm and 200mm
  • Suitable for use with ACO MultiDrain MD, Multiline Sealin and MultiDrain PPD

Recommended Applications

  • Rail platforms
  • Building curtilage

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6mm HeelGuard Rail Grating
6mm HeelGuard Rail Grating

Find out more about the ACO 6mm Heelguard grating including product information and installation detail.


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