Rail Access Point

Access point for maintaining rail drainage

ACO’s innovative Rail Access Point has radically improved the installation and maintenance practices of rail drainage.

Utilising ACO’s polymer concrete, which is naturally less conductive, gives these units significantly superior performance against stray currents compared to metal access points.

Installation with 41 GPU Rail

The Rail Access Point features a large drainage area which encapsulates the drainage slot from under the rail. The unit features an integrated internal seal making connection to a 110mm spigot simple and quick. With easily adjustable support legs the access unit is seated in a bed of concrete, and as no mechanical fasteners or drilling is required to secure the unit, installation is fast and efficient.

Units are fitted with a mesh stainless steel grate giving full visible inspection to the vertical pipe and the rail catchment area, making it quick and easy to inspect for blockages without removing the grate.


  • Load tested to D 400
  • Easily adjustable support legs
  • Manufactured from a non conductive material


  • Reduces risk of stray current with polymer concrete
  • Weight reduction over comparable size cast iron unit
  • Faster installation, with no mechanical fasteners or drilling of the rail, compatible with 41 GPU rails
  • Screw adjustments to fit site height variations
  • Easy maintenance and inspection, with 130mm rail drainage slot
  • Selection of colour finishes to suit surfacing

Recommended Applications

  • Tram schemes and depots
  • Light rail developments
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