Low profile channel system for car parks

ACO Multislot channels are designed specifically to meet the drainage demands of multi storey and underground car parks.

This low profile channel design is manufactured from corrosion-resistant polymer concrete and has no moveable parts, which reduces overall noise. Accessible and easy to inspect sealing groove make this the ideal channel for these demanding locations, which require robust high-performance solutions.

The channels are available in natural, black and grey finishes to suit a range of surface finishes. 


  • Polymer concrete channel system
  • Comb shaped channel with no moving parts, for noise reduction
  • Available in three colours; natural, black and grey
  • Ideal for concrete and asphalt applications
  • Fully certified to Load Class C 250


  • Corrosion resistant system
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • No moving parts which can cause noise
  • Easy to seal for a water tight connection
  • A range of accessories are available

Recommended Applications

  • Underground, mid and top tiers of multi-story car parks

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Multislot Components

ACO has expanded their range of components for the ACO Multislot, allowing for versatility of options for a drainage run that are easy to install, and enable a water tight connection. The channel components are all available in either a natural, grey or black colour to match the aesthetic of the main run.

Multislot car park drainage

ACO Multislot Channel

One metre section of Multislot. Conveys water to nearest outlet point, while keeping installtion depth minimal. Available in a natural, grey or black colour. 


Multislot + Outlet

ACO Multislot with vertical outlet

A one metre straight section of ACO Multislot with a 110mm diameter connection for a pipe underneath.

Multislot T

ACO Multislot T type connection element

Allows for two Multislot channel runs that are running perpendicular to interconnect and drain to the same outlet. 

Multislot L

ACO Multislot L type connection element

Easy to install solution that enables the Multislot channel to change direction by 90 degress. 

Multislot Adaptor

ACO Multislot Adaptor

A short channel section, which changes the connection tab from male/female or female/male, which may be necessary for T or L shaped connections.

Multislot Endcap

ACO Multislot Endcap

Closes the end of the channel run section, to enable a watertight drainage solution throughout. 

Multislot Flange Outlet

ACO Multislot outlet with double clamping flange

Connects the Multislot into a 110mm diameter vertical pipe, The clamping flange feature helps create a water tight connection at the outlet. 

Multislot Gully

ACO Multislot Gully

A 110mm diameter vertical pipe gully, with foul air trap. With two variations, where the gully outlet can be sited mid run (between channels) or end of run.



Multislot Cover

ACO Multislot Installation Cover

Reusable steel cover used during installation to protect the unit and increase installation times

Deckline Multifix

ACO Multifix 1

Galvanised or Stainless steel installation clamps allowing the channels to be installed at the desired level, prior to the laying of the base slab.

Design Advice

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