MultiDrain MD Brickslot ST

Latest generation of channel drainage systems

The latest generation of channel drainage systems, ACO MultiDrain MD, has a range of gratings to complement installations which require discreet slot drainage.

Designed as standard with a heelguard 10mm off set drainage inlet, ACO Brickslot is a subtle and unobtrusive grating which when combined with ACO MultiDrain MD galvanised and stainless steel channels, can be used as a solution to complement discreet drainage applications and is ideal for use against building facades.

Compatible with most paving materials, the vertical sides of the grating enable pavements to be laid directly to the units edge. Once installed the system is totally secure and not vulnerable to vandalism or loose gratings. This makes the system suitable for applications such as schools and playgrounds where grating removal can become a hazard.

The channel and ACO Brickslot grating together provide and unobtrusive continuous slot drainage system, with high hydraulic efficiency for fast removal of surface water. ACO Brickslot gratings are available in galvanised or stainless steel and suitable for use with the 100mm, 150mm and 200mm wide channels in the ACO MultiDrain MD range.

The system includes an ACO Brickslot access unit to ensure easy maintenance and access to the drainage system, and is also fully compatible with the range of ACO MultiDrain MD accessories.

ACO MultiDrain MD Brickslot is suitable for Load Class D 400 applications. This product is not suitable for carriageways of public roads or motorways.

New ACO Brickslot ST

ACO is proud to announce a major improvement for discreet channel drainage, the new Brickslot ST gratings will supersede the Brickslot gratings.

ACO Brickslot ST offers safer and improved installation

Protective cover

The red protective cover is delivered already attached to the grates and access units. The channel is built in, while the protective cover is still covering the slot. Once the finished surface is laid, the protective cover can be removed. No sand or dirt enters the channel and scratches on the slot from installation are minimised.

Folded edge and new connector

The new larger connector design allows easier alignment and an improved straightness of the channel run. The folded edge on the side of the grate prevents mortar or sand from entering the channel during groundworks.

The new Brickslot ST grate is compatible with the full range of ACO MultiDrain® channels and has these additional benefits

  • Easier alignment and improved straightness of the channel run due to the new larger connector design
  • The slot is protected during installation from silt and dirt as the product comes with a protective cover
  • The frame is made with a more sustainable and more efficient technology of clinching, the press joining of sheet metal without any additional material, instead of welding
  • Fully tested: UKCA and CE marked to BS EN 1433:2002


  • Ideal for use against building facades or as a Part M threshold drainage solution
  • Discreet slot drainage system with Heelguard 10mm off set drainage inlet
  • Access unit available to ensure easy maintenance and access to the drainage system
  • Compatible with most surface finishes


  • Access unit available to ensure easy maintenance and access to the drainage system
  • Suitable for Load Class D 400 applications
  • Compatible with the ACO MultiDrain MD 100mm, 150mm and 200mm wide channels and accessories

Recommended Applications

  • Threshold drainage
  • Public landscaping
  • Car parking
  • HGV parking
  • Petrol station forecourts
  • Light industrial
  • SuDs

Not Recommended Applications

  • Public Highways
  • Heavy industrial
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