ACO RoofBloxx Cell


What is ACO Roofbloxx Cell?

ACO RoofBloxx cell is a lightweight high strength sub-surface drainage sheet that provides superior performance.

It provides heat and sound insulation whilst also acting as a waterproofing membrane protection layer. ACO RoofBloxx Cell eliminates the need for the use of heavy gravel aggregates for sub-surface drainage and screeds for waterproofing membrane protection in planter boxes and intensive roof gardens.

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Featured Downloads

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ACO RoofBloxx Cell Datasheet
ACO RoofBloxx Cell Datasheet

ACO RoofBloxx Cell data sheet

ACO RoofBloxx Brochure
ACO RoofBloxx Brochure

Read this guide about how Blue Green Roofs can be designed to drain slowly in normal use and quickly in extreme conditions, using ACO RoofBloxx

Watch the animation of our Patented Blue Roof Attenuation System that uses RoofBloxx Cell


  • Design flexibility
  • Ultimate compressive strength 800kN/m2
  • Units interlock in any orientation
  • Top surface void ratio of 62%
  • ACO Blue Roof Flow Restrictor works with ACO vertical, and 45 and 90 degree roof outlets


  • Lightweight and high strength
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for use beneath permeable and impermeable surfaces
  • Suitable for pedestrian and vehicular areas
  • Stackable without the need for shear connectors
  • Compatible with ACO roof outlets, downpipes and surface water drainage
  • Free technical design support

Recommended Applications

  • Active and passive blue roof applications
  • Green / 'living' roofs
  • Podium Decks
  • Paved areas and roadways
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