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ACO’s specialist floor access covers are suitable for use in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Designed to provide easy access to underlying building services and ducting, standard and engineered covers are available in aluminium, stainless steel and galvanised steel. Typical applications can include floor hatches, internal manhole covers, inspection chamber covers and access hatches.

ACO Access covers come in a wide range of sizes with lifting keys to meet specific project requirements and benefit from a high quality finish. Our access covers are fully tested and classified to the Fabricated Access Cover Trade Association (FACTA) specifications..

Our standard aluminium covers are available from stock in 3 days. If you require a bespoke cover please call us on 01462 810421 to discuss the project details. 

UniFace to Uni Floor: ACO’s Access Covers Make the Cut at University of Nottingham Renovation

ACO Access cover solutions
uniface access cover

ACO UniFace™ Recessed Covers

The ACO UniFace™ range is designed to blend perfectly with a wide selection of both hard or flexible floor infills of thicknesses up to 15mm. ACO UniFace™ recessed access covers are available in either aluminium, hot dipped galvanised steel or stainless steel grade 304 as standard. The range provides simple access to underlying services and all products are fitted with both liquid and odour tight EPDM seals as standard. Manual lift and gas spring operated options are available, and cover security is ensured by the inclusion of stainless steel locking screws. Single, duct or multipart access covers are available, making the ACO UniFace™ range extremely versatile with covers suitable for pedestrian, light vehicle and medium duty forklift truck applications.

unstop access cover

ACO UniTop™ Solid Covers

The ACO UniTop™ range provides contrasting aesthetics and easy identification in hard floor and pavement finishes. ACO UniTop™ solid access covers are available in either aluminium, hot dipped galvanised steel or stainless steel grade 304 as standard. For safety in use all solid covers have a raised slip resistant surface and fitted with a single liquid and odour tight EPDM seal as standard. All covers are locked by stainless steel screws for security in use and can be supplied either as manual lift or gas spring assisted opening options. Single or duct multipart access covers are available, making the ACO UniTop™ range suitable for a wide range of pedestrian and light vehicle applications.


Bespoke Access Covers

We can also produce bespoke Access Covers, inspection hatches, floor access panels and service hatches. These can be produced to the size, shape and load class you require. The covers can multi-part and be supplied with assistance for opening as needed.    

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